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JDD09, Java developers feast in Krakow, is over!

Around 400 Java developers from all over the country met in Krakow for the fourth time. This year JDD took place at the University of Economics, located conveniently just a short walk away from the Main Railway Station. Thus, everybody made it on time to see the first presentation ”Pimp up your domain model with jBPM” by Tom Baeyens and Joram Barrez. The speakers were invited by JDD09 Platinum Sponsor – B2B Sp. z o.o. Red Hat Authorized Distributor. jBPM still is a new tool in Poland, thus this presentation was a great chance to find out how developers can benefit from using it in their work. The second talk was given by our keynote, Mark Richards. Mark’s amusing personality made his lecture about messaging not only very practical and useful for developers, but also really fun. Mark briefly described JMS and focused on more complicated features explained by real life examples and live coding. Then JDD attendees had a chance to listen to experience-driven talk that Tomasz Skutnik from e-point SA. gave on exception handling. His talk closed the first part of JDD and afterwards all attendees were invited to delicious lunch.

Parallel sessions began with a presentation gave by Piotr Walczyszyn from Adobe, who show how can we enrich our model with Flex 4 and Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3. In the same time, Waldek Kot (Oracle) presented a few interesting ideas about concurrence in JEE environment. Later on, Jacek Kunicki showed us the fun side of coding in Java. He programmed a robot with Java and leJOS library and steered it from his mobile. In the other track, Wojciech Seliga elaborated on different aspects of effective code review for Agile Java developers. Then, we started the „star slots” and JDD attendees had make a difficult choice and choose one from two great lectures: Mark Richards’ „Common Anti-patterns and Ways to Avoid Them” and Scott Davis’ “Groovy Testing” . The last talks in parallel sessions were given by Slawomir Sobotka on architecture of applications based on DDD that use Seam and Flex and a duet of Michal Bartyzel and Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz. Their presentation concerned the soft and technical skills that every developer should have to work effectively.

JDD09 last talk was given a by world wide known expert, Scott Davis. His presentation “Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA) and REST” was an excellent finale of the conference. When the lectures were over, the only thing left to do was the prize-giving. B2B Sp. z o.o. Red Hat Authorized Distributor draw many Red Hat gadgets and multifunction printer for our attendees. Alan System founded portable hard drives and Sun and Compendium gave JDD attendees T-shirts, caps and backpacks. Prizes also included free tickets for 4Developers conference, for next edition of JDD, an mp4 player and Mark Richards and Scott Davis books signed by the authors.

We would like to thank all JDD attendees and sponsors for their support:

and all the media for their presence and input in JDD promotion

Many, many thanks to Grzesiek Duda (dWorld) for an enormous help with inviting the speakers and for organizing Java Geek contest at JDD.

You can find the photos from this year’s JDD on our Picasa Profile

You can already find some of the slides in ”Materials” section of this web page. We will keep publishing slides, videos and mp3 recordings from all of the lectures, that were given at JDD09.

JDD09 Guide for Attendees

In our Guide you will find the basic informations about organization of JDD09: venue, parking spaces, registration etc. The Guide has been sent to all JDD09 attendees, to the e-mail address they have given during on line registration. If you have not received the Guide, it is possible that your name is not on the attendees list. In that case, please contact Anna ( immediately.

Download the Guide…

Prezentacja egzaminów Java Sun Microsystems

Uczestnicy konferencji JDD będą mogli przyjrzeć się z bliska certyfikowanym egzaminom Java Sun Microsystems dostępnych w centrach testowych Prometric.

Podczas konferencji, na specjalnie przygotowanych stanowiskach egzaminacyjnych, każdy będzie mógł zobaczyć, bez ponoszenia jakichkolwiek kosztów, jak wyglądają przykładowe pytania na wybrany egzaminach ze ścieżki certyfikacyjnej Sun Microsystems:

  • SCJP - Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • SCJD - Sun Certified Java Developer
  • SCWCD - Sun Certified Web Component Developer
  • SCBCD - Sun Certified Business Component Developer
  • SCDJWS - Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services
  • SCMAD - Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer
  • SCEA - Sun Certified Enterprise Architect Developer,

jak również zapoznać się z samą procedurą egzaminacyjną firmy Prometric.

Organizatorem próbnych egzaminów jest Compendium Centrum Edukacyjne i Sun Microsystems – Srebrni Sponsorzy konferencji JDD.

Więcej o ścieżkach edukacyjnych Java Sun Microsystems:

Darmowe szkolenie JDD i Compendium CE – Results

This message refers to a free training held in Polish by our Sponsors.

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Registration is still open

Due to your requests we will prolog the registration till 8th October, 2009. Register now…

The results of JDD Java Guide contest – Java evangelists have been chosen

We’d like to thank all the people who have voted in JDD Java Guide. The contest aimed at determining who is the most active in promoting Java language and helping rising developers’ skills. The contest was divided in two categories: the best blog and vortal about Java (written in Polish).

See the results…

JDD09 supports COOLuary

We would like to invite all JDD09 attendees to register for COOLuary, firm unconference in Poland. It is being organized in an open space form: there is no traditional lectures, the schedule is being created by the attendees and it completely depends on what they want to talk about. The big bonus of 3rd edition of COOLUary is definitely the presence of JDD09 stars: Mark Richards and Scott Davies.

Check out now and find out more about this unique event. Please remember, that only JDD09 attended can attend COOLuary.

Darmowe szkolenie JDD i Compendium CE

JDD to więcej niż konferencja, chcemy dać Wam szansę zyskania nowych umiejętności i podniesienia swoich kwalifikacji także dzięki warsztatom. Przy współpracy w Compendium Centrum Edukacyjne, Srebrnym Sponsorem JDD09, organizujemy darmowe warsztaty, w których udział może wziąć każdy uczestnik JDD09.

Warsztaty odbędą się 15 października w siedzibie Compendium na ul. ul. Tatarskiej 5 w Krakowie. Czego będą dotyczyć? To Wy o tym zadecydujecie! Od 8 września do 28 września, na stronie możecie poprzez głosowanie wybrać temat szkolenia, który interesuje Was najbardziej.

Zagłosuj teraz!

Registration for JDD09

We’d like to inform that you can register for JDD09 and pay less untill 16th September. Don’t miss the chance to be there and register now!


W dniu dzisiejszym, tj. 2.09.2009 firma świadcząca usługi hostingowe prowadzi prace modernizacyjne i mamy problemy z odbieraniem oraz wysyłaniem poczty. Za utrudnienia przepraszamy i prosimy o kontakt w dniu jutrzejszym.