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We organize JDD09 with Cracow University of Economics. Thus, the conference will take place at the Cracow University of Economics in the Didactic and Sports Building on Rakowicka street no 27. The easiest way to get to the building is to use the entrance from Aleksandra Lubomirskiego street.

We liked this venue mainly for its convenient location – 10 minutes by foot from the Main Station and not even 20 minutes from Main Market.

How to get to the venue?

From the Main Station

If you came by train, just take the way up from the tunnels in the direction of Wita Stwosza street, cross the street using underground pass and walk straight ahead until you reach Lubomirskiego street.

See the map here.

From the airport

Take the train to the Main Station. The shuttle bus will take you to the train stop. The bus stops right in front of the international terminal. You’ll be there in less than 20 minutes. The train leaves every half an hour.

You can also take a taxi for about 15 EUR.

The Airport web page

Public transport from different parts of Krakow

There are three stops near the University:

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny stop with:

trams: 2,4

buses: 501, 292, 115, 287, 185, 182

Dworzec Głowny Wschod stop with:

trams: 19, 7, 10, 13, 14, 15, 40

buses: 154, 192, 130, 179, 304, 105, 304, 405, 502, 124, 152, 424

Rondo Mogilskie stop with:

trams: 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 15, 40, 50

buses: 115, 124, 424, 128, 152, 182, 184, 185, 192, 287, 292, 424, 425

Public transport time tables


Accommodation during JDD09

We’d like to recommend nearby hotels to those, who come for JDD09 from different cities or abroad. All hotels mentioned below are located no more than 20 min. walk from the venue.
The list starts with the closest locations and end with the furthest (you can also see the map below). We advise checking out – the web site, where you can often book accommodation cheaper than directly in the hotel.

View Larger Map


Below we have given approximate prices checked on the 27.08.2009. You have to remember that they are constantly changing.

Hotel Chopin

Address: Przy Rondzie 3

Telephone: 0048 012 2990000

Regular prices: 49 EUR single room; 59 EUR double room

Prices on 49 EUR single room; 59 EUR double room

Atelier Aparthotel

Address: Topolowa 40

Telephone: 0048 91 4884823

Regular prices: 50 EUR single room; 59 EUR double room

Prices on 55 EUR single room; 64 EUR double room

*Low standard


Address: Pawia 3

Telephone: 0048 012 6600100

Regular prices: 95 EUR single room; 95 EUR double room

Prices on 110 EUR single room; 120 EUR double room

Red Brick Apartments

Address: Kurniki 3

Telephone: 0048 12 6286600

Regular prices: 85 EUR single room; 102 EUR double room (prices don’t include breakfast)

Prices on 80 EUR single room; 98 EUR double room

Hotel Polonia

Address: Basztowa 25

Telephon: 012 4221233

Regular prices: 72 EUR single room, 88 EUR double room

Prices on

Hotel Warszawski

Address: Pawia 3

Telephone: 0048 12 4242100

Regular prices: 54 EUR single room; 64 double room

Prices on -

Hotel Matejko

Address: Matejko Square 8

Telephone: 0048 12 4224737

Regular prices: 88 EUR single room; 102 EUR double room

Prices on 55 EUR single room; 57 EUR double room

If you’re looking for less expensive accommodations, check out apartments and hostels in Krakow.