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Tom Baeyens

Tom Baeyens – keynote,
B2B Sp. z o.o.
Red Hat Authorized Distributor

About the speaker: The founder and Lead of JBoss jBPM, the leading open source workflow management system.  Tom is a frequent speaker about BPM and Java at international conferences like JavaOne, Devoxx, JBossWorld, JAOO, TSSJS, etc.


Topic: Pimp up your domain model with jBPM

Language: English

Abstract: More and more, BPM and workflow become part of todays business
applications.  Development teams that want to remain competitive must be able to
combine frameworks for domain models, business processes and asynchronous
architectures seamlessly.  On the other hand, these teams must interact
effectively with non technical business stakeholders.  In this talk you’ll learn
how the jBPM engine simplifies the bridge between business requirements and
technical implementation.  By using a train ticketing system as an example we
show how jBPM can orchestrate human tasks and transactional automatic operations
and how easy it integrates with your Java project.