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Wojciech Seliga

About the speaker: Wojciech Seliga is a seasoned software developer with long experience in traditional and agile methodologies. Although he holds CMMI, RUP and ISO certificates, he is a strong advocate of lightweight agile approach to software development. He has been successfully fostering agile practices (as a technical lead and a coach) for about 6 years in companies like Lufthansa, Intel, Atlassian and SPARTEZ. Wojciech is Certified ScrumMaster.

Currently he actively develops open source project Atlassian IDE Connector, whose one of the goals it to bring effective code reviews to software developers. He also runs agile and Java consulting business in the company he co-founded – SPARTEZ.

Wojciech spoke at several conferences including Devoxx 2008, Agile2009, EclipseCon, JUGs and national technical conferences in Poland


Topic: Effective Code Review for Agile Java Developers

Language: Polish

Abstract: Does code review have its place in agile development teams?
This session tries to answer this question and describes a lightweight approach to code reviews used in co-located and geographically distributed agile teams.

It covers lessons learned from several agile Java projects: real value, best practices and pitfalls of code reviews. The presentation explains how to make code reviews effective, relatively painless, and liked by the team. It also positions code review vs pair programming. Moreover, it presents some interesting aspects of code reviews growing beyond their original intention. The session includes a short demo on how Atlassian Crucible integrated with leading IDEs via open source project Atlassian IDE Connector facilitates the whole process especially for Java developers.